Welcome to Victoria’s SCRT – an original, hand-drawn collection of 1000 NFTs, featuring 10 different lingerie models. Each NFT will include a public image of a model with a unique combination of attributes, and a private, more revealing image, only viewable by the owner. Minting now!

The Models











The Artist

Hi, I’m Victoria! I am a self-taught NFT artist from the US. As a woman entering the crypto space it is not difficult to notice the disparity between the amount of males and females. My project aims to empower women and welcome more females to Secret Network.

During the NFT boom of 2021 my interest in crypto grew. I spent time doing my own research, lurking around crypto Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Eventually I found a network that puts privacy first – Secret Network. I watched the network launch it’s first NFTs and I made my first NFT purchase.

Around that same time I was drawing lingerie models for fun. Then I realized my art could be used as an NFT project to bring more attention to females and show other women that they are not alone here. I feel like I’ve learned quite a bit by joining this community and I’d like to help welcome other women, especially artists. That is why I will be using a portion of the sales from Victoria’s SCRT to support legitimate, female-led projects on Secret Network. I would like to support female artists who share my outlook on Secret Network. For now I am keeping my goals in a broad scope, with more details to come as the path presents itself. Until then, I’ll be available on Discord and Twitter. Please feel free to reach out to me there!